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Extention of Research Period

Applications for extended funding for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Multi-year Fund, Partial Multi-year Fund)

Research projects that have been assigned funds from Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research that have fiscal year 2015 as the final year and have undergone changes to their research plans are permitted to apply for 1 year extension to the assistance they are receiving for research fees. Please submit your application for an extension in grant support by the deadline indicated below.
Furthermore, for research projects that have had their extension approved, once fiscal year 2015 is complete, the report on the state of implementation of the research is required, along with the report on the research performance and the report on the research achievements once fiscal year 2016 is completed (the one year extension). For research projects that have had their extension approved, the limitation on multiple applications with new research projects following the public call for submissions for fiscal year 2016 shall not apply.

Submission deadline: February 17, 2016 (Wed) 12pm

Document for Submission

Create an electronic application for your Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on the electronic application system and send through the data. Once that is done, print out your application and put your stamp on it, then please submit the documentation.

Example and notes on how to complete
Muti-year Fund
Partial Multi-year Fund

Procedures when using the JSPS electronic application system

Submit to

Fuchu Area:Research Support Section(ext. 5894)
Koganei Area:Industry-University Alliance Promotion Office (ext. 7008)