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Bring Grant-in-Aid Payments for Scientific Research Forward

In the event that it becomes necessary from a research perspective, payments for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research can be brought forward.

  • In accordance with the research categories and the year of selection on to the program, the procedure for the submission of payment applications with regard to Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research shall differ. Please click on the link that is relevant to you below.
  • There are two deadlines for payment applications during the year.
  • Any payment brought forward does not have the effect of foreshortening the period of funding.
  • In the event that there is the possibility that the requirements for funding might be withdrawn, bringing forward the payments may be denied.

The first submission deadline is August 18, 2014 (Monday).
The second submission deadline is November 17, 2014 (Monday).

Please print out and fill in the request for carry-forward payment(print on both sides of the paper) and get it stamped. Inthe event of a change to the distribution of the funding allotment, we ask that you provide a Statement of Items and Allocation of Funds Application Form.

【Multi-year Fund】

【Partial Multi-year Fund】

【Series of Single-year Grants】

Submit to

Fuchu Area:Research Support Section(ext. 5894)
Koganei Area:Industry-University Alliance Promotion Office (ext. 7008)